Saturday, November 12, 2011

The original CL 19" tire vs. the XL 21" tire.

Here are both tires next to each other.  The CL original tire is in forks obviously.  I think the knobbies will add a bit of personality as well.  I wanted to incorporate a dirt bike feel to the build as well.  Along with the knobby tire, the new fuel tank should give it that look.

I will have to figure out a new axle however, the XL axle is much thinner.

Back to work!

It has been a while since I have done anything with "The Side Hill Gouger" build.  I have continued to accumulate some new parts however.

I found some wheels, tires and a fuel tank off of an old Honda XL on Craigslist.  I got the whole package for $50 from a very cool lady who rebuilds old Honda mini bikes.

I love the look of the tank, this is exactly what I have been looking for.  The only down side is that it has a nice dent on the opposite side and does not fit the backbone on the CL frame.  Pretty rusty on the inside as well.

The front tire I am really excited about.  It is a 21" tire, the original CL front was a 19". I like the look of the tall skinny tire.  I plan to lower the front forks to accentuate the height of the tire and to keep the frame level.

Monday, March 28, 2011

New mock-up.

I moved the build back out to the garage since it is starting to "warm up", however there is still snow on the ground.

I figured I would see how it looked with the original tank and handlebars back on.  Don't really care for the look, I will be looking for a skinnier, smaller tank and taller handlebars.

New Seat

I bought a new solo seat for the build, it arrived last week.  I had thought about building one myself, but saw this one for a good price springs included and free shipping!  Cant beat that!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Donnie Smith Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet

Went to the motorcycle show today and my wife was nice enough to accompany me!  It was packed, but saw some nice custom bikes and a lot of club vests .  I did not buy anything, but found some inspiration and motivation.
 This was a Yamaha XS650.  I really like the bike, but the paint aint my cup o tea!
 72 Honda CB450, very similar to the engine and frame from my build, just a bit bigger engine.
 1922 Harley Davidson, enough said!
 Really like the style with this custom, cant remember the year.  Harley Davidson.
 1970 BSA Lightning 750, beautifully restored bike.
1930's?  Cant remember the year, Indian.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Pre-weld mockup with engine

Did a new set up with the frame, engine and front and rear wheels.  I did some modification to the hardtail frame.  It was not fitting very well so I cut the cross support and seperated the frame into two pieces.  I was able to line up one side of the frame with the original swingarm in place and clamp it right where it needed to be.  Then I removed the swingarm and installed the other side of the hardtail and clamped that into place, then installed the tire.

 By cutting the cross supports I was also able to widen the tail and fit the original Honda wheel in much better.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Some light cleaning..

Did a little bit of cleaning on the triple trees today.  Basically just cleaning the paint off, not finished yet but looks a lot cleaner than the old black paint all ready.

Welding prep and alignment.

Did some work on the CL this weekend, started getting the frames ready to be welded together.  Cleaned off some of the old paint and primer.

This is how I will fit the two pieces together.  The hardtail will slide right into the original Honda frame and will weld the two together on the inside of the Honda frame.

Friday, February 18, 2011

But I could not stop there...too much fun!

So I added the front tire as well.  I tried it two different ways, with the front forks clamped in the usual way.   Then I pushed the clamps down a bit to get a lower stance.  I love the way it looks so far, I really like how is is shaping up.

Coming together...(slowly)

Just for fun I started doing a mock up of the build.  I clamped the frames together, threw the front forks on and added the rear tire to see how it is looking.  Just this little bit of assembly made me very excited to continue.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Frame pieces.

After much contemplating, I decided to go ahead and make the cuts to remove the rear frame from the front.  I just strapped the frame to my work bench and grabbed the hacksaw and started cutting.  The first cuts on the bike actually felt pretty good.  It felt even better when I matched the original frame to the purchased one and they lined up fairly well.

More work done!

The build has moved inside, better light and warmth.  The propane heater I have in the garage ran out of gas so I snuck some parts inside.  I have removed everything from the frame, and have a good idea about how I want to connect the two frame parts together.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Craigslist finds!!

Found some good parts on craigslist recently that I will be using on the CL.  The main part is the hardtail frame, it is a Triumph bolt on.  This will replace the original rear of the frame.

 The other is the front fork and triple trees from a 75 CB350.  These will allow me to lower the front end so the frame sits level.  The original forks from the CL were not adjustable.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Clear Frame (almost)

I have made a lot of progress on the teardown of the bike.  Got everything pulled out and off and went through the parts to see what I want to use and not use, still up in the air about that.  I think it will become clear once I start putting it back together.  

I had to leave the front forks and wheel on for balance, the frame is off set on one side so it would not sit on the stand very well.  Obviously the engine is out as well, that was a bit harder to get out, but once I figured it out it came out fairly easily.

The engine is in good shape, and hope to do very little work on that, seeing as it is a first build for me and all.


Made some good progress on the teardown of the CL recently.  I have started on the backend since that looks like the easiest place to start.  Less wires and what not.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Starting the teardown.

Started the teardown on the CL.  Everything seems to be in good condition.  The previous owner removed the airbox and original carbs and added some nice aftermarket carbs with pod air filters.  Something I was planning on doing anyway so saves a nice bit of money.

I am trying to do this rebuild as cheaply as possible, and use a lot of existing parts, as well as trading for and buying used parts off of craigslist and ebay.

New winter project

Found my project for the rest of the winter.  1971 Honda CL  350.  I found this on Craigslist after months of looking, and months of hearing other bikes "were just sold".  It is not exactly what I was looking for but think it will make a good project.

I am planning on hardtailing the rear and lowering the overall stance, removing any excess parts, and installing a solo seat.